Hello World

Hi, I’m back! I’ve been in a bad headspace for a couple of months, but I am sick of waiting for my head to clear, so I’m just jumping back in.

I love watching lively vloggers on YouTube to get inspired, they can be enthusiastic about pretty much anything and I feel energised myself. The one I love at the moment, who got me back in front of my work today, is a writer who makes videos about her process, her writing and other parts of her life. She’s fun.

I had my nails done since I last wrote, so I’m typing with flat fingers to avoid stuffing up too much. It’s a bit slower, but I’m not hating it. I do like having pretty nails and I guess it’s a writer compromise.

I am going to read back through my story so far, and see what I love and what I already know I need to edit. This will ground me back in the work and get my juices going. I have to prepare myself to revisit this first draft writing, I know I’m going to find terrible mistakes I overlooked while I was just getting the words down.

My story, as I left it, was focused on Ash and Ryan as Ryan finds out for the first time that they are pregnant. This couple who have vowed together to never have kids. Ever. It’s a tense moment and I haven’t yet decided what his reaction will be. Will he hug Ash, be dismissive about the pregnancy, get angry, or some other emotion? Who is this guy? Because this is the moment we really see who he truly is as an individual and who he is in the relationship.

Now that I’m a few paragraphs in, here, I’m feeling a lot more positive about getting going again. Mind you it is 1.29am and I find early mornings very peaceful and filled with promise, possibility. Before anyone else is up and about. Before anyone in the house has needed anything from me.

Welcome back to my writing world, I hope you’re having a good April.

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