I Had A Bad Writing Week

This week has not been a great week for me. I had a blood glucose test that kicked me out of ketosis (I’m on the low carb keto diet) and this impacted my body and my mind. As unlikely as that might sound, it’s the truth.

I’m one of the lucky ones who went on keto and discovered it gave me loads of energy, clarity of mind and it’s helping me to lose weight. I’m so grateful for that, and when I went to the pathology place and the nurse handed me the glucose drink and told me that it was going to kick me out of ketosis, I wanted to cry.

I was frightened that I’d never get back into ketosis.

I love ketosis, it is my new stronger, happier reality. People ask me Isn’t the keto diet too restrictive? and I tell them I couldn’t care less about how few foods I can choose from.

I no longer have the insane cravings of a food addict that were driving me to gain more and more weight each year.

My addiction was centred on baked goods like pies and apple turnovers, custard tarts, also big fat cheeseburgers and fries. I’m a savoury tooth, so extra helpings of spaghetti or fettuccine were my downfall, too.

I now forget to eat and have to grab a chicken salad or some bacon and eggs. I feel satiated every day, I never crave junk food or take away food. This is truly life-changing for me.

I had the blood test on Monday, and by Thursday I was starting to feel like my old new keto self again. It was an enormous relief.

Last night when I tested myself, I was back in ketosis and boy was that a great feeling.

I’m not writing this to tell you to go try the keto diet, although I do recommend it if you’re asking, I’m writing to tell you that I have not been able to work on my book this week because my head was muddled and my body was in pain. I’m ready to write again now.

I don’t have my results back yet, that happens on Monday. Whatever the outcome of the blood glucose test, I’ll be happily going about my keto lifestyle, feeling ready for whatever happens next.

Write your life,