Reading Watching Eating Loving

Reading: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I am loving this book, it is a journey tale so far and the characters are well differentiated which I like. I hate reading a book where you can barely tell the characters apart. The story keeps hinting at what’s coming or what might be expected and this is another thing I love in a novel, and especially a fantasy novel. The main character is strong but also vulnerable, so you never know how he will manage the next challenge.

Watching: Bones (again). I just love this show, the main character is a woman who is very cerebral, like me, and is often confused by emotions, just like me. I don’t envy her that job of dealing with death. I used to read the books by Kathy Riechs and enjoy them a lot, except for the name of the main character, which is Temperance. I’m glad in the tv show she is called Bones by her main co-star.

Eating: I’m loving comfort food right now, as we head into Winter here in Australia. I made a split green-pea soup with a ham hock and we all loved it. Lamb stew is another one we love here when the weather is warm. I make a roast lamb dinner and use the bone with some meat left on it to make the stew. So good.

Loving: having my son home at last after years of him living overseas. He and his wife live with me here now and it’s great.

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