This is Harder Than I Thought it Would Be

Posting my first chapter is harder than I thought it would be. Writing it has been fantastic, getting into the story and having goddess-like control over the lives of my characters, that’s so fun. Hitting that publish button on my blog post and sending it out for reading, scrutinising, criticism and oh yes the comments on grammar and spelling mistakes that a first draft inevitably produces despite my reading and rereading. These things are giving me the first post jitters.

This calls for courage and fearlessness, trust in my readers, and a willingness to shrug off any negativity that is sent my way. I can do this, I can, I know it. This new book won’t be read if it sits in my laptop as a draft post or is printed out and placed in the drawer with my five other novels.

The world is going to get a chance to start to read my book this week. My readers will be able to give me feedback, tell me who they love, who they really don’t like, and what they hope will happen next. I don’t promise to follow directions, but you never know, I might even include a reader suggestion or two. I’ll definitely be asking readers to choose some things like place names. I hope you will have your say.

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